Tritium Necklace

Tritium is a low-level beta emitter which can be used for illumination.

Tritium illumination is the use of gaseous tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, to create visible light. Tritium emits electrons through beta decay, and when they interact with a phosphor material, fluorescent light is created, a process called radioluminescence.

Since it’s completely harmless to humans when not inhaled or ingested it is sometimes used in keychains or watches. However I thought it would be cool to make a necklace out of it.

So I used a white tritium vial and some sterling silver to create a minimalist piece of glowing jewelry.

In light:

neclace by light

And in dark:

neclace in dark

The tritium will slowly decay and it will lose its brightness (it has a half-life of 12.32 years), until then it is a very nifty necklace. I gave it to my SO on Valentines day.